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New Zealand Ants &  Ant Control

Ants in New Zealand love our nice warm homes.

Explore below to discover an easy DIY option for basic ant control.

are you looking for long-term ant management? check out our professional ant control options.

Ants in New Zealand

Ants in New Zealand homes are a fairly common sight.


Although it's not uncommon to see them around the house, there are only 40 species that have been confirmed and out of those, 11 are native. The reason for this surprisingly low number is New Zealand's cold climate.


You might be wondering "How do they live through the cold?" well it just so happens that your nice warm home becomes their safe haven.


below are common ants you can expect to find in or around your property.


  • Argentine ant

  • Darwins ant

  • Big Headed ant

  • Pharaohs ant

  • Striated ant

  • Southern ant

  • Tiny brown ant

  • Black house ant

  • White-footed ant

Argentine ant, ants in new zealand

Why ant control (DIY & professional methods)

Seemingly harmless ants can carry diseases with them when they migrate. Is that what you want around your food? Or even worse the bathroom (barf). Although the chances of any serious infection are low it is still a case of better safe than sorry.

How you can beat the odds and repel NZ ants (with a simple DIY ant spray)

Here is a dead simple easy method to repel NZ ants. Take a spray bottle and fill it with 50/50 water and white vinegar. Shake thoroughly for 30 seconds to ensure the contents is well combined.


When you have your solution ready, identify key areas where ants are coming from. It is also important to note areas where ants have walked in the past. Spray down these surfaces with your solutions and leave them to sit for 10 minutes before wiping them away with a cloth.


The reason that this works is that ants leave behind a pheromone trail which they use to communicate information such as food sources. By performing this spray you are disrupting the natural scent trail left behind by your sneaky new tenants.


To prevent further invasions ensure that all areas containing food remain tidy and hygienic. Don't leave any food out that might draw them in (especially sugar). Ants in New Zealand can be annoying, and if you don't have the time it is well worth looking at professional pest control.

ant control spray

Why choose professional Ant control

Want to avoid the headache of continued ant control maintenance? Getting a professional ant control spray and bait treatment, ensures your house stays safe and ant free.


Professional treatments are designed to last the year, with guarantees in place to ensure that if its not working, we will come back for free!

Need more info?

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