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Fly Control

Flies, A Household Pest

The common house fly is a pest that we have all run into at some point. All though annoying with their pitched buzzing and irritating landing spots, they can also transmit serious diseases to humans. Slightly smaller than the common house fly the Lesser house fly has a jagged flight pattern and feeds on organic matter.


These are some steps you can take to help reduce the presence of these home invaders:

  1. Remove bins from entry points like windows and doors.

  2. Keep compost as far away from the house as possible.

  3. Ensure all lawn clippings are tidied up and placed at distance from the home.

  4. Clean up all animal feces often.

Alongside the household flies there is cluster flies. These nasty little pests like dark and warm places. It wouldn't be a surprise to find hundred's of them hiding in your roof or clinging to a curtain. They move in groups and huddle together for warmth. Once it starts to get warm outside the whole group will come out, laying eggs that will eventually burrow into earth worms feeding until the worm eventually dies. 

Affordable Fly Pest Control Wellington - 

Apex Pest Solutions can help, with our trained experienced technicians we can swiftly remove these pests.

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