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Local Pest Control Wellington Region

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We offer both residential and commercial pest control across the Wellington region. We are locally owned and operated.

Residential pest control

Pest control for homes all across the wellington region.

Michael Mitchell performing residential pest control in th wellington region

Pest control for batches, villas, duplexes, and stand-alone homes. The chemicals used are suitable for indoor use in residential settings. If you wish to learn more about safety simply ask our friendly technician.

Commercial pest control

Pest management for businesses in the Wellington region.


Commercial pest control and ongoing management. We can service schools, banks, supermarkets, restaurants, and much more. To learn more specifics about our commercial plans give us a call.



"Highly recommend, Mike was friendly and informative throughout the whole process of my treatment, great job done no probs since. Thank you"


Had our house sprayed inside and outside. Mike was fantastic and informative throughout the whole process. Id Highly recommend this company to you all.


"Thanks for the work you did a few months back mate, definitely get you back again Strongly recommend apex pest solutions Top man" 

How pest control works

When it comes to servicing any property there is a standard 3-step process that we follow to ensure safe reliable results: 


pest control inspection illusration of a magnifying glass

When we arive on site the first step is inspecting the property. This ensures that we have all the information needed to provide an effective solution catered to both pest and property.


pest control preperation, illusration of an checklist

After inspecting the property we inform our customers of any safety measures they must take before treatment begins. We then prepare the pesticides or bait depending on the pest problem at hand.


Performing pest control spray wellington region, illustration of a pest control spray

Next the bait is laid or the pesticide sprayed. This step is taken with the prior phases in mind. After performing the treatment the customer is informed and advised as to any relevant information

Our pest control methods

There are two primary methods used, pesticides and bait. Pesticides work by either overloading the pest's nervous system or regulating growth to stop the cycle of pest reproduction. Bait works by attracting any nearby pests, after the bait is taken it takes approximately twenty-four hours to eliminate the pest. 

Why pest control is important

Pests are a common sight in NZ, they pose a threat to both health and property. We work to reduce the risk of pest-related food poisoning and disease on your premises.

Pests transmit at least 17% of all diseases annually. The common house fly is suspected of transmitting at least 65 diseases to humans (ranging from fever to tuberculosis).


Major allergic and asthmatic reactions can both be by-products of a pest-filled property. This is alarming because all NZ properties struggle with pests at some point.

Pests can also cause major structural and electrical damage. Many pests prefer to live inside or behind your walls chewing their way through all sorts of important materials. When it comes to wiring rodents are a real nightmare!

Michael Mitchell from apex pest solutions, performing pest control

Service locations

We provide pest control in Wellington, Lower Hutt, and Upper Hutt. For enquiries about jobs outside these areas give us a call.


Being locally owned and operated we know the area well having serviced it for just over 11 years. We take pride in providing affordable, safe, and dependable pest control.

wellington region pest control service

About Apex Pest Solutions

Apex Pest Solutions Director

Michael Mitchell ID: 202050

Master Registered Pest Technician

Michael has over 11 years of experience in pest control and has achieved the highest level of qualification possible. Michael and Zac started Apex Pest Solutions with the goal of providing high-quality, safe, reliable pest control across the Wellington region. 

pest control wellington professional

Your Local Pest Control

Apex Pest Solutions is proud to be a local Kiwi-owned business that will solve any pest problem.

In need of pest control? make a booking or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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