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Flea Control

Why You Need A Flea Exterminator Wellington Region

An irritating little critter that will have you itching all over. Fleas are known for the irritation that they cause on pets and people. They are not only an irritating pests but also are also capable of spreading diseases and even tapeworm. To reduce the risk to yourself and the family, ensure that all pets are regularly treated for fleas. Fleas wont go away on their own, their eggs can lay dormant for months on end until the perfect hatching conditions arise. Fleas will multiply incredibly fast with an estimated growth rate of 40 - 50 per day, in a single lifetime a female flea can create 2000 new fleas. 

Fleas have a 4 stage lifecycle going from egg, to larvae, to pupae and then maturing as a fully grown flea. In the pupae stage they can lay dormant for 5 months before emerging to sink their teeth into a new host. Getting rid of fleas yourself can be really difficult, we provide flea Pest Control Wellington Region, alongside being affordable and effective. (Check out our reviews on Facebook).

Apex Pest Solutions can help, with our trained experienced technicians we can swiftly remove these pests. Ever wonder "is there an affordable flea exterminator in the Wellington Region."

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