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Spider Control

Spiders, Eight Legged Predators

It is estimated that there are around 2000 different species of spiders in New Zealand. With that crazy amount it is no surprise that they are exploring and hunting in your home. Although handy for removing flying pests, certain spiders can potentially be very dangerous for you and your pets. Most spiders are just unpleasant to look at and cause a mess around the house other than that they are harmless.


The one common household spider that you have to watch out for is the white-tailed spider. They are ground dwellers that kill and eat other spiders. They can be found under bark, leaf litter, rocks, around the garden and in homes. They are most active at night when their prey is out hunting. They move indoors when the weather gets warmer, making summer a dangerous time for not only other spiders but humans and pets as well. 

Apex Pest Solutions can help, with our trained experienced technicians we can swiftly remove these pests.

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