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Trusted Professional Rural Pest Control

If you are struggling with a rural pest problem we are well equipped to provide ongoing pest management. We service both private and public sectors in the North Island.

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Feral Deer Control

Deer in New Zealand have no natural predators. This means they can grow to big numbers without pressure from hunters who do a great job helping in their management.


Deer numbers have been growing over the past couple of decades. This is because they have been taken at a lower rate than their breeding rate. As numbers have increased, deer have moved into new areas to search for food.


Deer damage native forests ring barking and eating new shoots, saplings, trees, and seedlings. They start with the native plants they prefer most such as schefflera, broadleaf, hen, and chicken fern in forest undergrowth. This can result in large groups of deer mainly eating falling leaves from canopy trees.


In subalpine areas, deer can damage tall tussocks and wildflowers like alpine buttercups.


By targeting these plants and changing the forest structure, deer can change the composition of plants. This takes vital food and shelter from other animals. 

Wild Scottish Stag

Types of Deer in NZ include: Red deer (Cervus elaphus scoticus), Wapiti (C.Elaphus nelsoni), Sika deer (C. Nippon), Sambar (C. Unicolor), Rusa deer (C. Timorensis), Fallow deer (Dama dama), White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus).

Feral Goat Control

Feral Goats are browsers compared to grazers like sheep/cattle. They cause huge damage to vegetation that is within reach, up to 2m above the ground. They also damage young trees in exotic forests, shrubs and trees in soil conservation, riparian, and restoration planting. The effect of goats damaging the undergrowth through browsing results in significant and often permanent damage to native vegetation. Regeneration of new growth is halted and edible species are completely lost in some areas.


Goats are agile animals, able to exploit steep and rocky hill slopes and bluff areas unsuitable to other animals. The loss of vegetation in these areas can lead to increased soil erosion. Goats were recognized as a threat to New Zealand’s native vegetation from the 1890s and were identified as a major pest in the 1930s.

Apex Pest Solutions specializes in goat control.


Your Local Pest Control

Apex Pest Solutions is proud to be a local kiwi-owned business that will solve any pest problem.

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